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Orange County Home Mortgage Loans has been proudly originating mortgage loans for homeowners along the picturesque coast of Orange County, California, since 2004. We have carved a niche for ourselves in this competitive market by focusing solely on local clientele, allowing us to provide personal, one-on-one service that our clients appreciate.

Our clients, mostly homeowners with properties valued at over $500,000, frequently approach us for home purchase loans and 100% financing options. We are experts at arranging these kinds of loans and more, tailoring each loan product to our client's unique needs. Explore our services to learn more.

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At Orange County Home Mortgage Loans, we offer an extensive range of loan products to cater to various financial needs across Orange County, California. If you require any of the following types of loans, we stand ready to provide you with competitively priced mortgage loan solutions:

Home Purchase Loans in Orange County

Are you a first-time homebuyer looking to step into the charming neighborhoods of Newport Beach or Huntington Beach? Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade to a larger property in Costa Mesa? Our range of home purchase loans can help make your dream of owning a home in Orange County come true. Explore our home purchase loans.

Mortgage Refinancing in Orange County

If you are unsatisfied with your existing mortgage or see the opportunity of lower interest rates, our mortgage refinancing options could be the perfect fit. We have helped homeowners from Anaheim to Irvine and everywhere in between to refinance their mortgages for better rates or terms. Learn more about our refinancing services.

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Home Improvement and Construction Loans in Orange County

Do you have visions of a remodel for your Laguna Beach property or building your dream home from scratch in Santa Ana? Our construction and home improvement loans are designed to help you turn your dreams into reality. Find out more about our home improvement and construction loans.

Commercial Loans in Orange County

If you are a business owner looking to expand your operations in Fullerton, Garden Grove, or elsewhere in Orange County, our commercial loans can provide the capital boost you need. With competitive rates and flexible repayment terms, our commercial loans offer an ideal funding solution. Discover more about our commercial loans.

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Stated Income Loans in Orange County

We understand the unique challenges that self-employed individuals face when seeking a loan. That's why we offer stated income loans that don't require traditional income proof. If you're a contractor in Mission Viejo, a small business owner in Lake Forest, or an entrepreneur in Tustin, this could be the solution for you. Learn more about our stated income loans.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair Loans in Orange County

If high-interest debt is holding you back, our debt consolidation loans can help you bring everything under one umbrella with lower interest rates. For residents of Westminster, Buena Park, and beyond, our credit repair loans can help you rebuild your credit score. Discover more about our debt consolidation and credit repair loans.

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Interest-Only Loans in Orange County

Our interest-only loans, including adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), can offer lower initial monthly payments. These are suitable for residents of San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, and other areas expecting increased earnings in the future. Find out more about our interest-only loans.

Cash-Out Loans in Orange County

Whether you're in Fountain Valley, Rancho Santa Margarita, or any other part of Orange County, our cash-out loans can provide the cash you need by tapping into your home equity. Use the funds for any purpose from debt repayment to college tuition. Learn more about our cash-out loans.

And many more...

We offer even more specialized loan products tailored to your unique needs. No matter where you are in Orange County, from Yorba Linda to Cypress and Seal Beach to Stanton, Orange County Home Mortgage Loans has a mortgage loan solution for you. Browse through all our services.

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